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scottish archaeology curiosity

updated wed 8 sep 04


Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on tue 7 sep 04

In an article about some archaeological work in King's College Chapel,
Aberdeen, Scotland (built before 1500), the writer mentioned an oddity found
during the restoration. To quote from the article "Masons repointing the
west wall of the chapel, at the same level as three heraldic plaques,
uncovered four little broken pottery cups which had been deliberately fitted
in behind stones, on their sides with rims and handles removed. Why were
they there? Handy paint pots for painting the heraldry? Holes for birds to
nest in ? Unlikely, surely, on the most prestigious front of the chapel.
Originally, they were small squat jugs, about 15 cm in diameter, of a type
made in the Aberdeen area in the late 14th - 16th centuries." The city
archaeologist of Aberdeen is looking for suggestions as to why they might
have been put there.

Pottery turns up in all sorts of unexpected places!

East Bangor, PA, US