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shelf life for ash glazes?

updated fri 10 sep 04


Eddie Krieger on wed 8 sep 04

Gaye, I've been playing with a mesquite ash glaze for the last several months
and I love it. I haven't found any problem with the glaze sitting a while.
I know I've used some that has been sitting for a month or more and for the
last firing I poured new glaze in with some that I've had and it worked great.

Eddie Krieger
Abilene, Tx

Gaye Sekula on wed 8 sep 04

I've just started playing with ash glazes and have a question. Phil Rogers
recommends making only as much as you'll need at the time, suggesting that they
don't keep long at all. Is that typical? I'd love to hear of your experiences.

Thank you all for your response to my strontium carbonate question.

Gaye, San Antonio