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wood firing/ kiln construction/ foundation

updated thu 9 sep 04


Gary Navarre on wed 8 sep 04

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> You can use concrete as a foundation for the
> supporting walls and chimney. For the chamber use crushed
> quartz rock, also available as "decorative stone" at Home Depot
> or some such garden supply. Make sure it is quartz, not marble.
> Set your first row of shelves directly on the quartz.
> If you have a clay type soil, just pack it down and forget the
> concrete. It has worked around here for 200 years, as well as
> the quartz. What is wrong with a little moisture in a wood
> firing anyway?

Hay Crew,
Now that I have the top soil removed along with the old burn spot
former tenants used for trash, I'm down to the substrate. It is sandy with
enough clay to stick to my shovel.
Crushed granite is easily available from the old gravel pit on the Hayes
farm. I have a space dug out much larger than the final kiln size. What I
propose is to remove some more substrate, fill the area ( about 3' deep)
back to ground level with stone, and tamp the substrate back on top of
where the kiln will ultimately sit. This would create drainage around
the kiln as well as under. The tamped floor could be covered with fire
brick or I could place bricks on edge and put shelves on them to
create the floor, which sounds better as the flame can get under the
floor and help even out the kiln.

G. in Da U.P.
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, U.S.A.