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burner size/fuels etc. btus

updated fri 10 sep 04


Marcia Selsor on thu 9 sep 04

Reading Craig's post made me think that I had not see the original
person mention their fuel..propane or natural gas.
There is a whole different appraoch for natural gas opposed to propane
when it comes to the oriface size.
I have made burners for propane and oil. When researching the topic of
oil I found some great info on sources of fuels and their BTU
I even found a BTU rating for various woods. Elm was way up there. But
then again you can get a lot of BTUs out of wood if it ic cut thin and
burns fast. So there is a whole variety of possibilities there too.
Honestly, sometimes I think the more you know, the more you don't know.
Marcia Selsor