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low expansion frit (fusion)

updated fri 10 sep 04


Megan Ratchford on thu 9 sep 04

"What is a low expansion frit in North America?"

Hi there,
I'm currently in Pete Pinnell's Glaze calc and development class at the
University of Nebraska. Strangely enough we just talked about frits today
and he talked in depth about Fusion frits. A company which is very
responsive to potters' needs. They even have a frit made specifically for
its low expansion properties: Fusion frit 69, Low Expansion Frit, expansion
I'm not certain how to reach them but I'm sure a quick search on the
will lead you in the right direction...
Hope this helps!
Megan Ratchford
In Lincoln, NE three weeks into the last of my BFA drowning in the wonders
that is this fantastic program, loading the big salt kiln tomorrow and
looking forward to firing the first kiln in my new school!!!