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shelf life for ash glazes-response from phil rogers

updated fri 10 sep 04


Gaye Sekula on thu 9 sep 04

Phil Rogers so kindly responded to my inquiry personally and cleared up the
matter. I am attaching his response below in case I unduly scared others
besides myself.
Gaye, San Antonio

I don't think I do recommend 'only making as much as you'll need at the
time'. I thought I had suggested washing the ash so that you are able to
keep buckets of glaze from one firing to the next and beyond. Washed ash
will keep, usually with no problem. Unwashed ash can, not always, but can
develop a jelly like consistency that makes it impossible to dip a pot into
it. Wash your ash two or three times and you should be OK - the instructions
to do this are in the book.

Best wishes,

Phil Rogers.

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Edouard Bastarache Inc. on thu 9 sep 04

Hello Gayle,

Phil is right. I have some that have been sitting on shelves for years and
they still work fine, believe me I have quite a few, I am an ash glaze
But I wash my wood ash 5 times and 60-mesh sieve.


"Ils sont fous ces quebecois"
Edouard Bastarache
Irreductible Quebecois
Indomitable Quebeker