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descenagrating vase...and bonnie

updated tue 14 sep 04


mudslingers@ATT.NET on mon 13 sep 04

hi bonnie,

i also have had salt leaching/surface disintegration on pit fired
ware that sat in my humid basement for months. i had rinsed the pots
several times and let them completely dry before sealing (or so i
had thought!) with a spray enamel. but leaching still occurred.
(it also occurred on pots sealed with an oil polyurethane--which should
have been a pretty tight seal!).

i think your bathroom is not a sufficient test as it is only
humid for short periods of time while, i assume, in use for showers. otherwise
i suspect it is not continuously humid (especially if you have air conditioning).
you are welcome to send me one of your "wasters" next summer and i'll put it in
my basement for a real test here near the jersey shore!!

>I feel
>that my bathroom test is good as I seal the clay with an excellent
>waterproofing material. Never put much value on Future Floor polish, but
>for a while it was the only thing I had available.

i'm sorry, i don't think i'm reading
the above comment of yours accurately -- would you please clarify:
is future floor polish the 'excellent waterproofing material' you
use? if not, would you share what you are using?

thanks! and i enjoyed visiting your site and your pit fired works
(and all your pots) are beautiful!

Mudslingers Pottery, Lauren Bellero
39 Leroy Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701