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tom coleman workshop in minneapolis october 9th, 10th 2004

updated wed 15 sep 04


TonyFerg on tue 14 sep 04

Dear Clayarters,

Can't believe it has been as long as it has since I was able to participate.
Much has happened: We just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago Monday, were going
to move, didn't, now looks like spring, new work, new directions, some
teaching art online, started my Minnesota State Arts Board fellowship period
to name a few things. Very busy like many of you.

I would like to mention that Ernest Miller (Instructs at Minnetonka art
center and Fired up) and myself are putting on a Tom Coleman workshop at
Ernest's studio in Minneapolis. I saw Tom a few years ago and was truly
inspired and grateful for the experience of watching him and listening to
him. It has been many years since he's been "up here" so I would encourage
you to take advantage of this opportunity. You can find information at my
website listed below or feel free to contact me.

Ernest Miller Studio & Aquarius Art Gallery
Present 2 Days with Master Clay Artist
T o m C o l e m a n
October 9 - 10, 2004


Ernest Miller Porcelain Studio
1500 Jackson Street NE,
Studio #375 Minneapolis, MN 55413

To Register email: or
phone: 612-386-2291 or 218-727-6339

Cost: $150 2 days or $100 day ($100 for 2 days for full time student)

Limited Spaces, Call Now To Register
Place a non-refundable $25 toward the cost of the workshop to secure your
space in the workshop.


Here are some of the things that Tom covers in a two-day workshop.

Saturday, Oct 9th, First Day:
1. A brief history of his involvement with porcelain as a medium.
2. A demonstration of throwing several different forms and creating
altered pieces.
3. Throwing functional forms.
4. An ongoing discussion and demonstration of different decorating

Sunday, Oct 10th, Second Day:
1. Assembling the pieces produced the day before.
2. A discussion on various ways of formulating porcelain clay bodies
and slips.
3. A brief discussion on how to approach marketing your work.
4. A discussion on how to take good professional quality photographs of
your work for consideration in magazine's, books, and entry in fairs and
5. Tom's approach and general philosophy on working as a clay artist
for the last 37 years.
6. A slide show of Tom's past and present work
7. Tom Coleman (high end piece) pot raffle

Tom is willing to cover most any subject that the participants might bring
up during the workshop. He has 38 years of experience and is willing to
share information with any one who wants to know certain things. Tom will
also have his work and books available for purchase at the workshop.