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how to make a mug - gary's mention, and...kalamazoo...!

updated sun 19 sep 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sat 18 sep 04

Hi Gary,

Was it "Bowers"?

I have a smouldering-wick type Trench Lighter of their make,
"Army & Navy LIghter" it says, and I used to have a Blued
Steel, fluid-wick type as was also made in Kalamazoo, but I
forget the maker now of that one...

el ve

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From: "Gary Navarre"

> Ya Sam,
> Just roughly calculated #1-25. That's about 290 hours.
At $20-$65/hr.
> shouldn't we reflect that in our prices? I do like the
idea of making
> production reports. The annodizing plant I worked for in
> modernized in the late '80's and started doing accurate
reports with
> each worker recording what they did and how long. They
also instituted
> ISO 9002. You should have seen the temps. all in a frenzy.
> hwo many people can't count. The company had been running
on by guess
> and by gosh since WWI when the made "Trench Lighters" and
still stayed
> in buisness.
> I had a thought last time I worked clay that if I could
make an average
> of 3 dozen cups a day for 9 months I'd have a wholesale
inventory of
> $72,900 (US) and retail $145,800. Needless to say I don't
have that kind
> of dicipline but it is a fantisy to shoot for.
> So how ya comming on refining your wood kiln design? Got
more brick yet?