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naked truth woodfire conference

updated tue 21 sep 04


Bacia Edelman on sun 19 sep 04

Folks: I came back last night from Cedar Rapids, Iowa (U.S.) conference.
Some woodfirers with whom I drove over wondered what I, only a guest
in woodfire kilns, got out of it. Much, I would say. There was
Tony Clennell, one of the presenters of "Who's The Boss?" with
Karen Terpstra as moderator. Both were super. Boss was a description
of firing with a group, the difficulties of working with sometimes
help, some solutions. The slides were of great work and the kilns
they built in that as
well as other presentations. Roommate marta Gloviczki and I
loved the exhibits; she was in two important ones and I am proud of
her. We were at Akar gallery for the opening of Ron Meyers show,
which was selling well. I particularly liked his woodfired pieces.
A day of Asians, Japanese and Korean, used interpreters of varying
skills and that was a little harder. Another day was for Europeans
and then another for Americans. There were many other shows in the area and
woodfiring is big time there and in Iowa City at the University.
There was even a "cup" exchange. I parted with a bowl that had crystals
from slow cooling the shino and received a medicine cup (tiny) of
c/8 fired red clay that I may use to hold my morning pills. His
presentation, Dan Murphy, was really good! So were those by
Jason Hess and a few others. Jason does those whiskey bottles and
cups and has great plans for a woodfire conference at No. Arizona
State in 2006. Don Reitz was there for the first day or two, had
an interesting huge piece in one of the shows from his Ghost Series,
twice fired work that didn't reach temp. the first time and fired
off fast, I think, the second. It was gray and spoke to one after a while.
I am glad I went.

Bacia Edelman
Madison, Wisconsin