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surfing with helen bates - sept. 20, 2004 - japan, china, hong kong,

updated tue 21 sep 04


Helen Bates on mon 20 sep 04

South Africa

Surfing with Helen Bates - Sept. 20, 2004 - Japan, China, Hong Kong,
South Africa

Sorry this is so brief, but I hope you enjoy the sites. -Helen

Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka, Japan
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The Ataka Collection of outstanding Oriental ceramics was donated to the
City of Osaka by 21 companies of the Sumitomo Group. To (...) house the
collection and display it to the public, the Museum of Oriental
Ceramics, Osaka was founded by the City of Osaka in 1982.


Itaya Hazan (Hazan Itaya Memorial Hall, Japan: )
< >
(Oriental type traditional kiln", and wheel in a restored Japanese
pottery) (Japanese only)
Babelfish web site translation:
Or Tiny Url of above long address:


Yakimono Net links to exhibitions outside of Japan

(View only one of these urls at a time or the pop-up window may not


Huzhi ! Contemporary Chamber Pot Exhibition

Hong Kong Chamberpot exhibition - a potter's challenge


Seven Potters from America

(Art China site)


Digby Hoets Pots (South Africa)
< >
Hand throws very large pots


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