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updated thu 23 sep 04


Helen Bates on wed 22 sep 04

Bailey's has this link and there is a video for sale by a potter named
Matt Jones:

I quote the Bailey's blurb:
> Celebrating the Cycle VHS -
> The Wood Fired Pottery of Matt Jones
> This inspirational video is exquisitely produced and directed.
> Covering the entire process of creating wood-fired pottery Matt
> Jones takes viewers on a visual and intellectual tour of his
> techniques and processes. From digging clay and mixing and
> preparing the materials to cutting and preparing the wood, the
> viewers are reminded of the attention to detail that must be
> kept at each critical step. Matt Jones takes viewers through
> glazing and finishing, and even how he makes his really big pots.
> He presents a visual description of his wood kiln and the various
> chambers and why he loads different pieces in each area for maximum
> effect. Viewers will be struck by the precision stoking of wood and
> the careful monitoring of the cones and the pyrometer as he slowly
> brings the kiln to temperature before the final salting of the kiln.
> After the kiln is cooled, we watch Matt Jones as he unloads, cleans
> and displays his finished pots.
> If you are a potter and you are the least bit interested in wood
> fired pottery, or you are a collector or teacher, this is a
> quintessential video to have in your collection.
> C-310-72
> List Price $33.00
> Our Price $28.50

Helen (No connection at all with Bailey's - even though my grandfather's
surname was Bailey [g])

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