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surfing with helen bates - germany and scandinavia - sept. 25, 2004

updated mon 27 sep 04


Helen Bates on sat 25 sep 04

Austrian Art Images Online (Bildkunst Online) (Austria)
< > < > (Tiny Url
of Google translation) (Only digital text will be translated.) To find
the ceramists on the site, click on the button "Erweichen Suche." Next
select "Ceramics" and click the button "Suchen." Always return to the
previous page using your browser's "Back" button to see the next ceramic
artist. Don't just stay in the individual ceramist's page, because the
page's left-hand menu is the full alphabetical list of all the artists
on the site.)

Trialog Handwork, Crafts & Design Group (Gruppe fur Handwerk, Kunst &
Design) (Germany)
< > (German and English) The main area of
visual interest is the international postcard slide show. To access
this, click on the "Activities" [Activitaten] link.) Most of the
Postcards seem to be of ceramic tiles and the like.

Art and Culture on the Internet (Kunst und Kultur im Internet) (Germany)
< > < > (Babelfish
translation) Click on "Gallery" then on the "gallery ceramic(s)" link.
Artists: Willi Schnekenburger, Seung-Ho Yang, Barbara Kahlen, Inga

Hans Hedberg (France and Sweden)

(Sculptor of gigantic ceramic fruit.) A younger colleague and friend of
Matisse, Picasso, and Chagall, in 1947 Hedberg was the first foreign
post-war student at the ceramics institute at Faenza, Italy. He lives
on the French Riviera in the winter and northern Sweden in the summer.
(Most of the site is in Swedish, but there is a link to an English
version of an essay about the artist. Click on the button labelled "En
essa av Ulf Hard af Segerstad."


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