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make your own lamps/sconces

updated fri 1 oct 04


Rhonda Kale on wed 29 sep 04

Phil is right-I'd've fired his butt. He probably figured you being a woman wouldn't question what he says(not meant as a diatribe against males). That's when you pull out the B*tch out of the bottle(but NICELY or course... :-) ) and let the man know it's YOUR dime and you get what YOU want.
Dealt with a lightening houefire in March 1989- killed our animals( collie,sheltland sheepdog, my old siamese and her daughter) and charred one half the house and smoked up the other half badly-they had to gut it. Was the worst experience I ever had to live through. Had gone to Tallahasse for voice lesson and daughter had flute lesson. ALl that was left was clothes on our back....
For three-four months we lived in rental house-came over every day and dealt with the mother of all *&^hole insurance adjustor. Really sick puppy-questioned everything-tried to make you feel guilty for everything.This guy was so sick he made jokes about someone else's housefire where children were killed! In the middle of the renovation-had serious talk with an electrical engineer. Was serious question about safety on leaving as is. They pressured me to leave as is-I said NO-I will not sign off and building will STOP -and it did-they cried and they wheedled and carried on. I said "OK-you want me to accept-I want statement from you that if there is ANY problem or if any other fire should occur due to old wiring, you were warned-it is your fault and I want it signed and notarized-hmmm-they hemmed and hawed and brought some folks to check wiring out and- lo and behold-they gutted and rewired the house!!!
The moral of this? It's your house-your stuff-what YOU have to live with. My basic philosophy is that I want what I want-within reason-Not spoiled B*tchy rotten. It's about not settling for second best, well that's the best I can do or this is all I can get.....
Everytime I have ever not done it, I always stayed dissatisfied with what I bought, got, made in clay....The world is my oyster and it's not about money it's about mindset.
Next time, go get'm girl.....

Rhonda Kale
Redheaded fury unleashed
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