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making lamps....and a digression into the bathroom

updated sat 2 oct 04


Bonnie Staffel on fri 1 oct 04

Let's move to sinks. I had the same problem when it came to installing my
handmade sinks. The plumber refused as well as the inspector to install
them as they were not approved by the rules, whatever they were. The
outcome was that a commercial sink of the same size had to be installed and
then the owner of the house could exchange it after the house was passed by
the inspectors. Do-it-yourself plumbing isn't that difficult, but in a new
house, the inspectors are in charge.

The other rule was that a hand made sink could be installed only in a powder
room. Just not in the main bathroom.

Another problem arose when a friend had my sinks installed, he showed me an
area of crazing in a glaze that had never crazed for me. Then he said he
had the instant hot water installed for his shaving. The crazing was a
circle of about 8 inches in diameter right where the hot water hit the sink.

After all that, I decided not to make them any more for this area. It just
got sticky trying to match some customer's wall paper as well as the rules
to obey. When my daughter built her house, I made the tiles and sink for
her powder room.

Warm regards,

Bonnie Staffel
Potters Council member