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john calver in ny october 2 & 3, 2004

updated sat 9 oct 04


Bonnie/Jeremy Hellman on fri 8 oct 04

Hi Everyone,

I attended Linda Blossom's studio presentation of John Calver last =
weekend, October 2 & 3, 2004, and John was well worth watching! The =
Ceramics Monthly article and cover were indeed beautiful, but watching =
him in person and seeing his pots up close was far better than the =
photos. He is a delightful, charming person, who clearly knows his stuff =
and can explain well what he's doing and why. It was a pleasure to watch =
him, and everyone there (me included) learned a lot.=20

I particularly enjoyed seeing him alter this thrown work, make his feet =
and handles, and see (in general) how he achieves his rich glaze =
effects. And he has a good sense of humor as well.=20

In addition, Linda is a particularly gracious host, allowing no more =
people in the workshop than the room can hold, and still allow EVERYONE =
a full view, with time to ask questions. By not overcrowding the room, =
we may end up paying a little more, but in a smaller group, we were all =
able to see everything going on and got far more out of the demo.=20

If Linda has other workshops, I'd certainly recommend that anyone who =
can get to Ithaca, NY seriously consider attending. =20

I took several hundred digital photos, and in looking at them, I'm =
reminded of the wide range of things we saw. Thank you John and thank =
you Linda. I had a great time and look forward to going back again!

In the interest of full disclosure, Linda has been a friend of mine for =
many years, and I've been to the studio previously. =20

Bonnie Hellman in Pittsburgh, PA

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Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 9:42 AM
Subject: John Calver in NY

Hello all,=20
I would like to let anyone who would be interested in attending a =
with John Calver that we are hosting one here in the Ithaca area of =
NY on Oct 2 and 3. He will demo many of his beautiful pieces and teach =
decoration techniques. He was the cover artist in CM in Dec 2000. If =
want to see the article but don't have it, email me and I will send =
you a=20
scanned copy of it. His work is absolutely beautiful and something I =
not miss if I were close enough to attend. We are indeed fortunate =
timing and location to be able to get him for these two days. There =
are a=20
few people in the area willing to put people up so if you can get here =
might be able to reduce your expenses. The cost is $150. I plan to =
tiles for people to decorate after the workshop so they can get a =
familiarity with the technique. If you want more information, email =
If you would like to see his work online go to =
. He=20
is on a group side.=20
Linda Blossom=20
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