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my trip to dc

updated mon 11 oct 04


Frank Gaydos on sat 9 oct 04

Our Art Dept. went on a trip to visit Washington DC last week and it was =

Went to the brand new National Museum of the American Indian, =
( The building is great, replete with =
waterfall, wetlands and pots from BC to AD.

Also to:

The Sackler and Freer Museum for Asian =

Now, if you never visited the Sackler, it is worth the trip just to =
experience the building. It is four stories down, along with it's sister =
museum, the African Museum( and both are =
linked below ground to the Freer.

Saw a wonderful exhibit on Spanish Islamic Art at the Freer =

But, the best exhibit of all was in the East Building of the National =
Gallery of Art called:=20

'Palace and Mosque: Islamic Art from the Victoria and Albert Museum '

Lots of tile work and pottery. Boy, can they make tile. Whew!

Examples from 1262 with luster glaze!

Highly recommended!

Now, back to soaking my feet. :>)

Frank Gaydos

Garlic is to food what insanity is to art.