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mudfest 2005 in san diego

updated tue 12 oct 04


terry sullivan on mon 11 oct 04

Ceramic Artists of San Diego (CASD) held its third Mudfest clay olympics
last weekend on Oct. 9th. Its inception here was inspired by our member
Karen Price who attended one of the originals in Colorado. Here's a
brief description by the event coordinator Elly Dotseth of CASD

<Grossmont Shopping Center in La Mesa, CA. There were 13 various contests
pottery skill, each one judged separately for amateurs and
professionals. By
far the competitions with the most crowd appeal were the blind folded
throwing, tandem partners throwing, no hands allowed throwing, and the
partners handle pull! Attendees ranged from young children who could
work in
the free children's booth and take lessons on the potter's wheel, to
school students who came with their teachers to compete in a relay race
throwing cylinders, to college students and privately taught students
competed as teams, to professional potters from all over San Diego
There was a raffle of a new Creative Industries Artista Potter's

wheel, calendars for 2005 made from photographs of work by the potters
the Ceramic Artists of San Diego;designed and printed by Kellie DeFries,
Mudfest t-shirts (black with yellow printing.) Thanks to our many
there were great prizes awarded to the first place and second place
and gold, silver, and bronze clay medallions for the top three in each
category. This year we also allowed potters to have their own booth
for a small fee, to show off what the final results of wheel work can
There were several potters who entered the all day sculpture
The winner of that contest was Gabriel Reed, one of San Diego's shining
stars in the pottery community! Thanks to everyone involved for pulling
event together! --Elly Dotseth ( Mudfest Clay Olympics chair)>>

Our own Stephanie Stephenson had a booth promoting the Potters Council,
CM, and such.

CASD does this event every two years so the next one will be in 2006.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA