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here are my results from my very first wood ash

updated thu 14 oct 04


Billie Mitchell on wed 13 oct 04

i want to thank all of you who wrote to me personally and gave me
suggestions and encouragement. i fired my first tests a total of 9 new
possible glazes. i got one good one.. but i got one that was fabulous! i
came out so smooth, shiney, and lots of possiblities! in the heavier
applied areas it was black and i mean almost metalic black.. where it
broke it came out green and where it was thin i came out white almost like
a clear. it also runs alot! i found that out on one of the pots that i
fired after the test firing! it ran right off onto the shelf! but i can
deal with that after i learn how to use this new glaze because it was so
wonderful. on my tests it worked wonderfully with texture. it didnt run
off but just into the texture itself.

if any of you are in the tuscaloosa alabama area this weekend i will be
there doing a show.. stop by and see me!

later gators
billie mitchell