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"kate tiler"'s work, greenmen, was slip decoration pigments?!

updated tue 19 oct 04


Kate Johnson on mon 18 oct 04

Hi again, Karen/Kate! I think your website is fascinating, thank you so
much for passing it along. for those who might have missed the link.

I have ANOTHER question, now, and one comment...I know the term "encaustic"
from painting, but not as it applies to tile or pottery--except for the fact
we have to use heat, too! The American Heritage Dictionary says "A paint
consisting of pigment mixed with beeswax and fixed with heat after its
application." the term archaic with pottery? As a writer, I
love etymology, and would love to chase this one down!

And the comment is--besides "I love your work!"--we appear to have common
ground with the green man image--here are some of mine:

Fascinating, eh?

I'm envying your young apprentice, what fun!

Kate Johnson
Graphics/Fine Arts