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advancer shelves and kiln wash

updated tue 19 oct 04


Morgan Britt on mon 18 oct 04

Kiln wash does have a tendency to stick to the shelf... wadding too. If
you don't use kiln wash your posts will stick and chip gradually. You
can remove any and all with a grinder and not make a single dent in your
shelf. Kiln wash is easy to remove, post pieces take some elbow
grease... so I use the kiln wash and do a quick swipe with a grinder
bristle brush and it's done.

A note: I do not put kiln wash the shelf at all, only the posts.

I love my advancers. They're pricey, but I've already saved their cost
by not having to replace the mullites nor spend hours on end repairing
drips. One scrape with a putty knife and glaze drips pop off. No
bending, no cracking. Just be careful with dampness and even thickness
of the pieces placed on each shelf.

My two cents...