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indigo children...crystal children...any art observations thereon?

updated wed 20 oct 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 19 oct 04


Was just listening to a Radio Interview of a gal explaining
on the notion of the 'Indigo Children'...

I have heard the term before, and never payed it any
attention or felt any curiousity on it. It seemed like some
hoaky new-age thing and I di not have much interest therein
to recommend my attentions to

But this was kind of interesting...or as a way of looking at
things...'feels' more or less like a Compass Needle wanting
to point 'North' in it's way...anyway...

Maybe some of you Grammar School Art Teachers or other have
some observations to share?

She seems really kind and sweet and light-spirited if a mite
naive, but, I went
to her website just to see what else, and I was way put off
by the hoaky appearance of it, and some of the logic or
association, but...was reading a little
thought..."Hmmm..." and...

It was all a whole hell of a bunch of familiar in
it's way...underneath the trappings...

Any of you up on this stuff?

She was on the Radio saying Indigo Children tend(ed) to draw
'Suns' with
faces on 'em...and right then, I had tears start rolling
out-of-no-where (her saying that was what caught my ear
walking though the office as I was going back into the Shop
to get back on turning Handles with a nice fresh cup of
Tea...and I just stopped short there with my Tea and so
on...) and the Radio is in my Office...and...

Since I
allways did that - drawing same on the wooden
gradeschoolbookcovers back when, when we used to have to
make them from brown paper bags...did 'em on paper in Steel
Point Pen and Watercolor and varnished them to go around
Candles with a line-engraveings
usually in aspect, different
things...later, on
girlfriend's dusty van sides or car hoods with a finger-tip,
or on them
themselves maybe with felt
pens, on their tummies or Arm's bicepts...(along with
'Saturn' and it's
Ring or some of it's Moons too sometimes, or Crescent
Moons...did this, do this still, on
to-do-lists, as idle doodles,
or as play tattoos and so on...allways that was 'there'
wanting to get drawn, or drawn first...various
configurations of it...)

And, according to her, the
'Crystal Children' tend to draw 'Rainbows'...

Well, 'Rainbows' maybe were not my thing, even though I like
Black Elk just fine and all...and thoughts of porquipine
'Blue' jacket fellows curled up by a bush with Flys buzzing
does not oblige me to reach for a hanky any too fast I


She mentions lots of connections with ADHD, ADD and so
on...( too
much indoor light she says...low Serotonin, and...lots of
other things things...'sensitivites' as may

That...and 'orbs of light' things...seem to attend them...

Supposedly, the Indigo Children are now from about 7 to 25
years old, and are being suceeded by the 'Crystal
Children'...who have a different way about them if with some
overlap of attributes...

The terms defer to the differences in appearance of the
respectively Indigo and Crystal Children if apprehended by
someone sensitive, who would see, she mentions, a 'blue' or
respectively, a
'crystal-hued' aspect of their subtler refractions,
energy-emminations or atmosphere.

I recon some of 'em maybe showed up a little earlier
though...or were allways here anyway...

Like they had nothing better to do or something...but put
their pale delicate shoulders to the post Strontium-90
urban or suburban yoke
of things and try shoveing it some...into the abyss into
which it pretty much belongs maybe, and...

Made me think of some of the kids I knew too when I was
little...but they all got rubbed out along the way, usualy,
'early', too, on-that-way...

I do not tend to ever meet any adults like this...seen some
few over the decades about it...and I am
never around kids or teenagers... you? ( see them?)

Other day, some friends of mine whose daughter is 16
Months...we all went out to dinner. I drew a simple image of
a Cat with one of her Crayons in a notebook I had with me,
and then I said 'Meow' and
the little girl seemed SO happy someone was finally 'there'
and was just beaming...then, her pointing to it and saying
"Kee-kah" and 'Mouw" and so on, while looking at me, and me
saying 'Yup'...she was delighted...maybe me too...

...but the Radio gal says they are out there...but likely to
be from 7
to 25...for the Indigos, and younger of course, for their
supposed successors, the Crystal Children...

Anyway, I do not tend to think of matters in these terms,
like she does, but I find it interesting and kind, of those
who may.

Curious anyway...

And the more I read the more it was all just too damned
familiar in the things this gal, and on some other sites I
browsed through some also, were saying...

Just nailed me...

...what about you?

el ve