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ceramic beads and jewelry

updated fri 22 oct 04


Andi Fasimpaur on thu 21 oct 04

At 09:41 AM 10/21/2004, Bonnie Staffel wrote:
>As a grown up, my trip in the early 70's to California had an entirely
>different purpose. Sought out every potter I could locate. Enjoyed the
>miles of hippie craftsple on the sidewalks of San Francisco. Bought a
>necklace made of clay that I still wear occasionally.

I was going to reply to just Bonnie, but thought that i'd send this to the
list as others might have information as well...

i'm very interested in ceramic jewelry (obviously) and would love to learn
more about ceramic bead artists around the country (and in the world at
large) at various times... I'm also working with other ceramic bead artists
to provide a forum for discussion specifically of ceramic beads and
jewelry. (you can find out more by visiting

Would love to hear from ceramic jewelry artists.

Best Wishes,

Andi Fasimpaur

ps, for those interested in trying some ceramic bead making, there's a new
tutorial on my website specifically focused on common bead shapes and how
to make them in clay.