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mel's copper red plate

updated sun 24 oct 04


Roger Korn on sat 23 oct 04

Hi Mel,

Nice! How much tin in the glaze? I've been able to vary the purple by varying the tin: more tin, more purple. And the three-four hour oxy hold is the secret, particularly for my 27 cu ft fiber kiln which cools too fast anyway.

Just wondering,
Roger, in AZ heading for Paul Herman's place tomorrow, then back to OR for a couple of weeks, then back to AZ via California.

Mel wrote:
i have added a digital image of a red plate that i made
this week, fired wednesday. a three hour fire down.
i have added some notes on the image.

go to my website, at the bottom of this post,
chinese pots/clayart page.

it takes a minute to load.
i like to show along with my description.
it does turn red.

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