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mustache mugs (cups)

updated mon 25 oct 04


lela martens on sat 23 oct 04

I had a a few requests concerning the `mustache cup`.
It was invented in Britain in the eighteen hundreds. Well taken cared of men
in that day took as long as their female companion to get ready for fancy
dinners out, including waxing and curling, their mustaches. Unfortunately
much of this primping effort was wasted during the after dinner coffee. The
hot liquid tended to melt the wax on the upper lip, the results being quite
embarrasing. The idea of adding a recessed bar with semi-circle cut out,
across the rim care about. The bar keeps the mustache away from the
coffee..some also have an indentation allowing for the nose.


Mark Pitney on sun 24 oct 04

Hi all:
I am not sure because I have not been following this post about the
mustache mugs, and I do not even know if it applies but, we do have an old
commercial mold of a mustache mug. We were going to toss it a few times but something
made me keep it. Again I do not know if it applies but we do have it and I
could make them - if anyone is interested or needs so.
Any hoot.

Cindy & Mark
The Mudpit
228 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206