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updated sat 23 oct 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 22 oct 04

Hi Mel,

Nice mentions...

I forgot about Boat Trailers, which can often be had cheap,
the smaller ones are light, and can be readily modified to
become Trailers for hauling things in. They tend to be
longer of course than utility Trailers proper...but...with a
little care, may be modified to become the length one wants,
and with the balance one wants. Boat Trailers usually have a
quite long front length from the axel, so, much of that
could be eliminated and still retain a desireable
tongue-weight and balance. Or, the axel can be re-located in
the frame to suit one's plan.

It is not uncommon even for Boat Trailers to be had for
free, if one keep an eye peeled for them, and is not shy
about asking about them when one sees them.

el ve

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From: "mel jacobson"


> trailers.
> i love trailers.
> i have a tiny hitch on my wife's neon. a small trailer
that we
> use when we go to the farm. holds about 600 lbs of stuff.
> we go slow. do not over load.
> my truck has a big. mongo. super duty hitch. i have two
> other big trailers. use them all the time.
> of course my truck has a v6/standard transmission/work
> gets the job done. i use the neon for buzzing around, the
> is for work. and, i do not loan it out. get your own.
> sick of that. i spend the money, do the maintenance and
> think it is for them, any time they want.
> screw that. my brother in law finally got a truck and
> i gave him one of my trailers/just to stop the borrowing
> (old trailer made from a boat hauler.)
> mel
> From:
> Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.