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alternate to pizza stone and camera hook-ups

updated thu 28 oct 04


Sheryl VanVleck-Wells on wed 27 oct 04

I have used a pizza stone for years but our oven recently went out. =
Being a family addicted to pizza, I remembered reading that you could =
cook it on your propane grill. It's great! We'll never go back to =
another "oven" pizza. Just a hint of the grill and a nice crust. Just =
turn the grill on medium and cook the same amount of time.

I have a Sony Cyber-shot Digital camera (DSC-P92); while it is only 5 =
mega pixels, it has a great program for transfering photos to the =
computer. It You just connect the camera to the computer with the USB =
and their program transfers it. I am using Windows XP now but used this =
on previous versions with good success. =20
I'm happy with the camera (at $300, it was my limit) but "never enough =
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