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woodfiring at hambidge georgia

updated mon 1 nov 04


Billie Mitchell on mon 1 nov 04

i just got back from doing a wood firing at hambidge in north east ga. while i have never experienced a woodfire before (except the one we did in belize and i didnt do much on that one.) this is on the top of my list for one of the very best experiences. i know now what how much work all of you who do woodfiring do.
Ann Rafferty runs a great crew along with Dawn Holder who is executive director of the center and Jennifer who teaches at Georgia state. i never had so much fun doing hard work. everyone there was the greatest. what better way to bond with other potters than to do hard work. . if you ever get the chance to do a woodfiring there i would jump at it! i wish i had a web site to share the pics with all of you....... as i got some great ones! i know I'm teasing all of you but if you would like me to email you some pics i would be glad to .i cant wait till we open the kiln next week! its sooooo long to wait! watch for an update then..

billie mitchell
vice president Georgia clay council