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sheesh, test tiles...

updated wed 3 nov 04


Kate Johnson on tue 2 nov 04

Ya know, it is just a tad frustrating to be the numerical equivalent of
dyslexic (can't even remember the word, at the moment!)

SO. I was much impressed with Rudy's care and attention to detail, ( in his glaze and
slip tests, and determined to Go Thou and Do Likewise, knowing that I need
to quit ruining perfectly good work (carefully sgraffito-ed plates with
complex designs) until I have SOME clue what I'm doing.

SO. Borrowed a few sample Mason stains from Keith last night, to try out
that avenue on some terra cotta test tiles, in addition to doing some with
plain white slip to try out glazes on. Discovered I really REALLY don't
know how to figure percentages.

Jeez it makes you feel ditzy to sit there looking at the stuff and not
really have a clear idea how to get from here to there. I have *measuring
spoons*, not postal scales. I have a brain that works in masses, forms,
shapes, and wholes, not decimal points. The only class I ever came close to
failing in school was, you guessed it, algebra. Math was never my strong

Ah well, at least I wrote down what I did on each tile, and hopefully I'll
at least have a clue about approximately how much of which made what effect.
Translating that to the Big Screen may be a problem...

Sorry, guys, I intended for this to be helpful for anyone who looked at my
results, brain's mush today. And usually, when it comes to

Kate Johnson
Graphics/Fine Arts