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wood firing/ gathering wood

updated fri 5 nov 04


GaryNavarre on thu 4 nov 04

Hay Crew,
I've edtied this album some and reposted it in Fotki:
Wish I had some more film developed with the finished climbers to make =
your ankles tingle. Haven't been able to get out much this last week or =
so with the rain but it's clearing. Wasn't too windy today so I hauled =
rocks for the kiln foundation. Managed to wire pine cones all week for =
my other product line, Christmas wreaths. I hope this idea works and I =
can make enough to make pots this winter without having to be a 3rd. =
shift greeter at WalMart. I've had people tell me to apply for that but, =
hell, I'm not that old. I'd make a better floor walker, no shoplifter =
would suspect me of being a nark. Geeeze, let's hope it doesn't come to =
Keep going!

G. in Da U.P.
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA