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reed ash and thanks to moderators

updated tue 9 nov 04


Veena Raghavan on mon 8 nov 04

Hi Pat,

If I were in England, the answer would be yes!

I would love to try some fruit or reed ashes, but don't want to make them=
If anyone has any fruit ash they would like to sell in the U.S., I am a
would-be buyer.

Also want to take this opportunity to welcome Clayart back. It is a
wonderful resource for me. I have many technical notes from Clayart and
refer to them often. Thank you all so much and thanks to all the moderato=
and Mel the Chief, for running this wonderful forum.

Look forward to seeing many of you at NCECA in Baltimore.


Message text written by Clayart
> ready bagged up, sieved, Norfolk reed ash was available for sale,would
anyone be interested in buying it?

Veena Raghavan