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discussion board feedback: production potters' within a guild

updated wed 10 nov 04


Les on tue 9 nov 04

Hi -

As I am not very computer literate I was unable to access the group from
which this question emanated so, as I thought it if interest, I decided to
put the question out to every one.

We have a Guild (Arrowsmith Potters Guild - Parksville, B.C.) and we have
every level from non-skilled ( learner) to some very gifted professional
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Subject: Discussion board feedback: Production potters' within a guild

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> Potters Guild of BC: Discussion board feedback: Production potters' within
> a guild
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> Posted by Michele Gillespie on Monday, November 08, 2004 - 04:29 pm:
> I am looking for some wording about having production potters' within
> a guild. I am trying to write up some rules and regulations regarding
> guild usage and am wondering what other guilds have.
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