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empty bowls - san antonio

updated wed 10 nov 04


Lail Grant on tue 9 nov 04

Great Job folks. It is encouraging that a relatively small group of 147 =
band together and have such impact. Raising awareness, making the =
that this is solvable problems that merits everyone's attention and =
some cash to support those who work at solutions every day is very
important. My hat is off to you.=20


The 147 members of the San Antonio Potters Guild conducted our fifth =
Empty Bowls Event yesterday raising over $20 thousand dollars benefiting =
San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries Food Program. Our spectacular silent
auction with donations from many well-known local artists and =
raised nearly $2400 alone.=20

Lail Grant CFI-I

Assistant Director Physical Plant, Safety

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin