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"bucket lid pryer-offers"... tools

updated thu 11 nov 04


claybair on wed 10 nov 04

I don't need no stinkin' bucket lid pryer-offer!
Do I need another small tool to misplace in my studio????
Nope.... I use my glazing tongs to pry off
stubborn bucket lids. I have a pair I bought from a
potter in CO who had them made. The prongs face each other
like fangs rather than the usual cross direction.
There are several tools I cherish and covet....
They tend to be old, worn and hand made.
If I had to choose I would
take them over most of my newfangled tools.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

annsemple on wed 10 nov 04

I can only assume you didn't mean to include your new Bison tools in =