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updated thu 11 nov 04


Jenny Lewis on wed 10 nov 04

Hi Miri

I've also been on the prowl lately looking for lidded buckets. I recently=20
bought four buckets of sweet popcorn (tasted awful) from Lidl, =A31.79 each,=
handed over the popcorn to my young nephews, and rinsed the buckets - the sm=
ell has=20
just about gone now. They are not huge, but a fairly good size for glazing=20
bowls and mugs.

I've also been looking for any sort of plastic container with a lid. Cheap=20=
cheerful kitchen shops have a variety of storage boxes etc, which may work.=20=
I've bought some to keep the dry materials in, so far haven't used them for=20
glaze slop, but after the popcorn series, I will have a re-think.

The same kitchen shops were selling plain buckets for =A31 each so I bought=20=
to add to the collection. I might call my studio The Bucket Shop, but=20
sometimes I like the sound of Shelfidges.

in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK