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uk buckets

updated thu 11 nov 04


Pat Southwood on thu 11 nov 04


Morrisons, Tesco's and Sainsbury's will all cough up empty plastic =
containers from the deli / bakery stand. You might have to creep a bit.
Failing that, Morrisons sell off their plastic florists buckets ( in a =
discreet black ) at 5 for 99p
I use my spare bats as lids. It works fine, especially for stacking them =
on shelving.
If you can bring yourself to be totally radical the best bet really is =
those plastic rectangular , lidded containers that you get from =
everywhere as storage containers. My local poundland has 3 for =A31 =
Check out the plastic underbed storage boxes too.
If you need to dip plates or bowls they are great. If you need to dip =
bigger cylinders, transfer the glaze to a florists bucket.
These come tall and narrow.
I confess to a misspent youth as a florist.=20