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updated fri 12 nov 04


mel jacobson on thu 11 nov 04

this entire subject/string makes me smile.

we have had this discussion at hay creek many times.
when you get your copy of cm each month, do you look at
the pots first, or the picture of the potter? when you look
at the picture of the potter do you look past the potter and
look at the shelves and floor? or, what is behind that potter?
what kind of buckets?
what kind of shelves?
how do they store old clay?
and on and on.

it is fascinating to know how people use
tools and studios. the differences are vast.
studio organization is very very different for
different folks.

i love it when people come to my studio, other potters.
they poke around, say hmmmm a great deal. or, `how come
you do it that way?` and i tell them. then they realize i have
built a `lake cabin` in my back yard. same size. best place for
a cabin, your back yard. you use it every day of your life.

one of the greatest gifts anyone can give themselves is
a personal, all your own studio space. it may be a bathroom
reworked in a basement, but it is your space.

one of my best pals, bob anderson/raku potter from wisconsin
just built a back yard studio...whenever he talks about it, he smiles.
changed his life. and, when you consider the costs, it was cheap.
about the price of a car. he did a great deal of the work, with a few
buddies working for beer. if he puts in curtains, we are all going
to give him hell. (window treatment,geeez.) his neighbor and teaching
partner andy built one too. heated, year round/cold wind blows,
head to the studio. alone.

this entire thread has been wonderful, funny, clever and
very sincere. the closet door was broken with so many
people coming `out`.

same for boxes, tissue, class presentation. it pays a great deal.
it uplifts our craft/profession. we are growing up from being
hippies. it is a new world. just look at what the top rated tv
show is in america. `dirty wife swapping billionaire daredevils in scanty
doing sex in laundry rooms`.

i think it is time for potters. _______ (fill in the blank.)

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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