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seagrove international ceramic conference, june 2005

updated fri 12 nov 04


Philip Shore on thu 11 nov 04

Crossroads: Tradition and Change
June 5-12, 2005 in Seagrove, North Carolina. Sponsored by Randolph Arts
Guild, North Carolina Pottery Center, and the Seagrove Area Potters
Association. Invited guests include: Jin Win Wei (China), Longquan
Ceramic Artists (China), Marino Morreti (Italy), Walter Ostrom (Nova
Scotia), Alan Caiger-Smith (UK), Scott Barnim (Canada), Esthela Dagua
(Ecuador), Miriam Vargas (Ecuador), Joe Molinaro (US), Thancoupie
(Australia), Joe Bosco (Australia), Dr. Louise Hamby (Australia), Santa
Kumar Prajapati (Nepal), Laxmi Kumar Prajapati (Nepal), Doug Casebeer
(US), Dr. Terry Zug (US), Gerry Williams (US), Neville Assad Salha
(Lebanon/Autralia), and the Seagrove Area Potters.
Fee: $375 includes four lunches and six dinners. Students enrolled
full time in an accredited ceramics degree program, $275. Contact:
Philip Shore, Randolph Arts Guild, P.O. Box 1033, Asheboro, NC
27204-1033. Email: Telephone: 336.629.0399.
FAX: 336.629.2892. Website:

June 5-9: The Randolph Arts Guild presents the Seagrove International
Ceramic Conference to bring together an international program of artists
and scholars to consider changing traditions through demonstration,
lecture, and interaction of world cultures in one compact location. June
10: Approximately one hundred local potteries to visit in the rolling
countryside of central North Carolina. June 11-12: A Celebration of
the Seagrove Tradition--Public event that includes sales, exhibits, and
activities for all members of the family. (Admission fee for those not
attending the Conference.)