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c 6 woodash glazes

updated wed 17 nov 04


Lili Krakowski on mon 15 nov 04

Someone wanted c 6 glazes that contain woodash. These from my article =
'Twice Fired Glazes" in PMI all do.

The Red Art Mix here is an Albany Slip replacement I use, though I sure =
would try these with plain Red Art.

These glazes have not been lab tested for food safety.


Red Art 580 7.5 cups

Dolomite 80 1/2c.+1/4c. + 1t.

Whiting 25 1/3c.+1T.

Hannah's Cider

Red Art Mix 75

Wood Ash 14

Talc 14

At c.6 a rich, satiny caramel. Better maturity over slips. At c.04 a =
rich satiny reddish apple-butter color.

Little Alex's Porter

Red Art Mix 57

Gerstley Borate 21

Bone Ash 4

Wood Ash 4

Silica 14

Red Iron Oxide 7

At c. 6 brown turning a hare's fur like gold where runny; more =
transparent over white slip, A bit too fluid, some nice blue =
streaks.Both fluidity and streakiness accentuated on light clay. At c.04 =
cloudy red on outside of pot, golden olive with fine black or dark blue =
streaks on inside. Very similar to Ari below.

Ari's Sherry
Red Art Mi

Red Art Mix 36

Gerstley Borate 21

Bone Ash 6

Wood Ash 6

Silica 14

Red Iron Oxide 7

At c.6 furry golden on inside of pot, more transparent over white slip, =
furrier where thick over black slip. Light gold over light clay. At c.04 =
red, smooth, some mottling.

These are named for great nieces and nephews, all of whom are too young =
to drink booze!

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage