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woodfiring/ash glazes/too foggy to haul rocks!

updated wed 17 nov 04


GaryNavarre on tue 16 nov 04

Hay Crew,
Waha, seems like I been skunked a bit. All that Balsam I'd limbed to =
sell had to be off-loaded from the trailor. The buyers cut off brush =
buying begining of last week and nobody likes brushing during gun =
season. I'll bet Peter is posting the apple orchard from the second =
floor farm house window right now. I off-loaded 800 lbs. and still have =
brush in the woods to collect. There arn't any hunters where it is so I =
should be safe to pick it up. I saw a huge buck near there last year. So =
what I'm been doing instead is makin the wreaths with the for sale =
brush. Now I'll see what the maker sees when they open my bundles. =
Instant quality control, eh? And I've started a sort of production =
report, just for s&g's, to record how much brush it takes to make the =
wreaths, the amount of scrap to be devided into secondary stoke hole =
fuel, and the eventual weight of ash from the twigs/needles snipped off =
the scrap sticks. As I've written previously, the twigs will be burned =
in the Koie Cooker. I'll probably end up being able to make enough =
Balsam ash to last a years glaze supply. There's lots of twigs and =
needles left over.
Found out last week the Cedar I spent the summer cutting isn't all =
that good for firing. I remember reading that a couple of months ago but =
must not have had my eyes open. Oh well, I can still use the Cedar posts =
for the wood racks and maybe I can turn the sticks into picture frames =
for my landscapes. Found out I can post the previews in Fotki and upload =
the high resolution when needed for prints, if I can get this newer =
computer to upload the high resolution consistently. Thanks for the =
comments to the albums MarjB and Rob. Maybe next year I'll have the =
shipping end of wreathing in place and ya'll can get that North woods =
smell for real. I'm thinking of a UP'er package for gifts, cups, maple =
syrup, and a wreath. Sooner or later it will all fit together.
That's all folks, break time is over, need to remember what the next =
nothin I was gonna do is. Stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA

Toivel got up before dawn opening day. Made sure the gear was loaded =
and pull out the garage. Just as he gets down the road a piece it starts =
to sleet and blow. Toivel turned the 4 wheeler around and headed to the =
barn anticipating the alternate pleasure that awaited him. He got home, =
crawled back in bed, and said to his wife "It's rainin dogs and cats out =
there!" His wife said "Ya, I can't belive my stupid husband went hunting =
it that crap."