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cranberry slip search continues...

updated sat 20 nov 04


Lori on thu 18 nov 04

Hello again,
Thanks all for your responses to my question regarding a cranberry colored
slip. I have tried using Mason Stains, and the results were disappointing,
not at all close to the colors pictured in their catalogue. The Crimson
came out a pale pink and the Mulberry (shown as a deep eggplant color) came
out cobalt blue. I added these stains "by eye," just as I did when I'd
previously mixed up the black slip. (The black came out just fine...) I
used the same commercial clear glaze over all the slips and fired in an
electric kiln (again, black has been working fine). So...I'm still
searching...either for a Mason Stain solution or...what about the
chrome/tin idea? I've used the MC6G book recipe for the Raspberry Glaze
with success...would it work to add chrome/tin to slip?

...Lori Bernstein
Froggy Bottoms Pottery
Port Townsend, WA

ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on fri 19 nov 04

Lori -

The Bordeaux Red Cerdec Stain is a
lush, maroonish cranberry color.

I even have some I 'over purchased'
for sale at a bargain price!!

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - yes, I ordered some
then found the 'lost' stuff on another shelf !!

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