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ot idea for art teachers

updated fri 26 nov 04


Lou Roess on thu 25 nov 04

To all you art teachers out there.
A friend of mine who teaches art to high school students came up with
what I think is a brilliant idea.
She was visiting a friend's mother who is in a nursing home to help
celebrate the mother's birthday.
They tied balloons to her chair at lunchtime and Cheryl got the idea of
having her class paint a Birthday Chair to donate to the nursing home
for folks to sit in at mealtime on their birthday. The kids loved the
idea and planned wild colors and funky designs. I haven't seen a
picture of the finished product but I'm sure it will be very festive.
One of the kids asked what would happen if more than one person had a
birthday on a given day=
Cheryl said Well, there's breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that's three
- after that they'll just have to figure something out.
I guess my suggestion of playing musical chairs wouldn't be so good in
a nursing home.
Anyway, I thought I'd pass the idea along
Some of you from Texas and the Southwest may know Cheryl Evans from
Houston. She does a lot of workshops for teachers and is a great gal,
very creative.
Lou in Colorado