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firing large platters was: platters hump in the middle

updated mon 29 nov 04


Richard Mahaffey on sat 27 nov 04


We fire platters on smaller shelves (usually round) supported on many
wads of kiln putty to span the two shelves in our kiln. A 18" "plate
shelf" easily supports a 24' or 25" platter and with our
28" wide stacking area we now have a 20" "Plate shelf" for 26" or 28"
platters. It has worked great for us and the "plate shelves" have
stayed dead flat. We are using Hi Alumina shelves from
Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA -Acme Marles from the UK actually with
great success and no wads to clean or remove from the foot ring.

Best regards,
Rick Mahaffey