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the strangest tool in the studio ???

updated fri 3 dec 04


logan johnson on wed 1 dec 04

Hi Gang !

Working in the studio yesterday I picked up a tool I've been using for a while & realized how incredably silly it was to A: have this in my posssesion & B: have this tool in a clay studio in at all. The tool I refer to is a non working pen with a large,very fuzzy, dark purple plume. The type seen with guestbooks at weddings. I used it to sign my work once 'cause I knew it didn't work. (the darn UGLY thing was part of a "stupid gift" exchange) & it never left the studio. I've read enough Clayart to know I'm not alone in my "weirdness" I figured there MUST be others out there who have silly tools as well . I just thought this might make a fun thread. All right all you other silly folks 'fess up what's the silliest tool you have or have had?????

Logan Johnson Audeo Studios
"Carpe Argillam!!"

S. Morris on thu 2 dec 04

well I don't know if this counts as a silly tool, but
in addion to making pottery I work part- time as a
cashier at a grocery store, and I collect all the used
gift cards that the store usually tosses and they make
great ribs, or you can cut them and make shaped ribs
and stamps, probably the cheapest and handiest tools I

Steph M- in Normal

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