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updated thu 2 dec 04


Gary Navarre on wed 1 dec 04

Seasons Greetings Folks,
Waha, that's a new one for me. Who'd have ever thunk it I'd give a hoot
to this season. Something must have come over me to cause such a change
in attitude. Never thought I'd try to be a wreath maker. Peter would say
"Wreath maker? You're supposed to be making pots!" Well I think by next
year that will fall into place. The thing is I'll have to make all the
pots before October when the greens cutting begins.
So far only about a dozen wreaths sold and I just had to give one to
Teresa Lavato, my landlady. She ordered another for her sisters grave.
And o'll Phillis C., one of the elders members in my spiritual
discussion group who at 84 finally aquiesed and moved into Mannor Care
last month. She's been one of us for 31 years. Those ladys, and mom, get
one free, everyone else has to pay. And I just love selling out of the
truck. Next year I'll have cups.
So where's the "pottery" in this? I added/edited some more shots to the
albums starting with the artist at work in:

The rock is now covering the center area of the foundation including the
extra trench leading out of the firebox for drainage. It's getting too
frozen out there to haul rock and it finally started snowing. I'll put
that on hold for now. Hell, I've waited 15 years to rebuild, a few months
wait won't be s... to a tree!
In "Gathering Wood" come some early evening field work with the full
moon raising, ending with the wreath making set up in the throwing room.

Good dry run working in the space. The wheel will set under the North
window. My time exposure of the Northern Lights hangs next to the window.
The work shelf could be about 3-4" higher.
And if you like cute, little, hard to see fawns:

A friend in Iron Mountain just loves "Oh Deer" but I added "Oh Deer 2" for
the camouflage effect. I'm supprised Tager went within a foot of both and
never smelled a thing.
The sun is shining, think I'll get those Spruce greens Danialsons need.
The stick left over is streight, thick, and long. I think that will make
good secondary stoke hole wood. Need to find where Peter dropped his
trees and get that slash cleaned up too. Lots of brush left in some.
That,s it, I'm done, enjoy the pic's, and stay in there!

G in Da U.P.
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA