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street lamp as a mold.. thanks, tig

updated sat 4 dec 04


Joyce LEE on fri 3 dec 04

Your post inspires me, Tig. I have a large art glass lamp
shade that finally feel off its base winding up with
considerable damage. Way too heavy for a lamp, anyway.

I'm planning to use some of it inside pots.... wide bowls
particularly..... to see if the melting is attractive and as
colorful as the original. However, your post caused me to
flash onto its potential as a mold for a very large, unusually
shaped bowl! I'm not much of a handbuilder but am
developing some skills since I won't teach my mentees
wheel-throwing, leaving them to rely on handbuilding with
slabs and extrusions if they want to work with me.

Thank you a bundle, Tig. Good idea.

In the Mojave pleased to see that Cindi from a Dakota is
back with us! And Mishy! The list hasn't been quite the
same without them. AND, though Janet and Lori haven't
left us completely, it's great to find their thoughts being
expressed more often once again. AND Marcia seems to
be home for awhile at least. Very nice...... for us.