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the strangest tool in the bobber & mr wiggly

updated sat 4 dec 04


clifton wood on fri 3 dec 04

i'm sure lots of folks have more bizaar tools in their studios...

and, like any true eccentric, i probably think my oddest tool is quite


i do love my tiny fishing bobber... you know the kind... small, round,
red & white striped... push down on the top, and a small hook comes out
the botton for connecting to a fishing line.

well, it also connects just fine to a strip of chamois....

no more flailing around for the canmois in my water pail... or finding
it as an unwanted surprise in recycled clay.

i knew someone who used an empty plastic film cannister in the same
way... snapping the end of the chamois into the cannister, which then

gosh... i just pictured another odd tool.

not even sure what it's called. i call it mr. wiggly.

it's a drafting tool.... kind of a "make your own" french curve.

bright blue rectangular bar... about 12 inches long, with each side
around 1/4 inch.

the core bends & holds its shape... thus the french curve.

i used it when trying to decide shat kink of handle to put on a new
form. easy to bend it into lots of different shapes, hold it up to the
form, see how it looks. makes it easier for me to quickly eliminate
different options.

i just googled "flexible french curve" and found them offered at
several stores... called "flexible curves". go figure.