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late december or january open studio?

updated thu 9 dec 04


Chris Schafale on sun 5 dec 04

Has anyone ever tried having an open studio sale in late December AFTER
Christmas, or in January/February? Given my broken condition this fall,
the Christmas season was an almost total loss (though I did have one nice
small sale today -- only a couple of hours, at a church, just about what I
could handle at this point). Anyway, since I was cleared to make pots a
couple of weeks ago, I'm very eager to get back to work, but of course I've
missed all my usual sales opportunities! So I was thinking about having a
post-Christmas show -- maybe bill it as a remedy for the mid-winter
doldrums. (Yes, we do get those in NC, but we have to be quick about it
before the daffodils come up.)

What think?


Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA (near Raleigh)
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PurpleLama@AOL.COM on mon 6 dec 04

Dear Chris,

Years ago, I had a used traditional Japanese clothes business (silk kimono, cotton peasant clothes, etc.). We sold wholesale to boutiques on the East Coast. To continue the cash flow, I would think up excuses to remind our customers that we still existed and it might be time for them to buy more kimono. For after Christmas sales, I used Valentine's Day as the focus. I don't know how it would work for pottery, but it worked well with kimono.

in Southeastern Pennsylvania USA

Jocelyn McAuley on tue 7 dec 04

You could bill it along the lines of "be the first to get your Christmas
shopping done". February sales could be associated with Valentines Day too.

Chris Schafale wrote:

> Has anyone ever tried having an open studio sale in late December AFTER
> Christmas, or in January/February?

best of luck


Cat Jarosz on wed 8 dec 04

In a message dated 12/8/2004 7:12:04 AM Eastern Standard Time,

Chris Schafale wrote:

> Has anyone ever tried having an open studio sale in late December AFTER
> Christmas, or in January/February?

Well Chris ,

nothing ventured, nothing gained... well maybe some weight if you get to eat
all the horderves your self

I also decided to have an impromptu open house this coming weekend and
thats about as late as you get around these here parts where all the open
houses and studio strolls and hops and tours and what ever's have already
taken place.

My best show of the yr got moved up 2 weeks because of scheduling
conflicts with the basketball coach after 18 yrs on same date. Off shoot is it ended
up being my worse show of the yr. and I have mucho pots and still the same
bills to look forward to this winter time. Soooo I spent a full day
hand addressing and writing out 100 post office post cards , and going thru all
my address books and sending only to the Asheville crowds or the 50 mile or
less radius. delivering them to po at 130 am when I finished monday.
yesterday I spent buying wood and paint to make a sign for the road saying "
pottery sale " --> and will put it out there as soon as I make it

I also think I will have one this winter when the "HE -MAN" woman
haters club is finsihed being remodeled. Have a remodeling opening ps
the He-Man club is a room in my basement that has the pool table and neon
beer signs in 1/2 of it and the other 1/2 I had peds and pots set up with
overhead lighting.. it was dark NO WINDOWS and crappy in a He Man kinda way
..... 1/2 of it is sorta done. we scrapped down the ceiling and
walls and repaired them with 10 gallons of plaster, LOL sanded and painted and
tore out hurricane flooded carpet ... will be replacing door eventually
and putting in glass block around it but for now we have beautiful pristene
white walls and ceilings in 1/2 of the basement room. LOL I gotta
laugh as I got enough halogen spot lights down there now to be a landing strip
at a airport...

Arrrgghhhh what a sight to behold.. airedale flinging mens BVD's all
over the place. Time to go get my tin foil pyramid hat on its gonna be one
of those days... I gotta keep this Dale quiet for 4 weeks or it will be
Surgery for her knee. gimme more coffee its too early..

Cat Jarosz in outrageously WARM NC mountains... hey love the heat
wave... doors open and shirts only on.. great day to paint a sign... woo

V)''(V & >^..^< Chicks with beards rule !!!