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the strangest tool in the studio...

updated mon 6 dec 04


Earl Brunner on sat 4 dec 04

Before my son-in-law entered med school, he worked for a surgical supply
company selling both tools and surgical parts to surgeons. I have a couple
of nice stainless steel tools (hard to describe) and also these nice metal
pieces that are implanted in reconstructive spinal surgery. They are metal
tubes with a lattice of holes in the metal. They make nice texture tools.

Earl Brunner
Las Vegas, NV
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i'm sure lots of folks have more bizaar tools in their studios...

and, like any true eccentric, i probably think my oddest tool is quite


i do love my tiny fishing bobber... you know the kind... small, round,
red & white striped... push down on the top, and a small hook comes out
the botton for connecting to a fishing line.