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weirdest tool in the studio

updated tue 7 dec 04


Lucero on mon 6 dec 04

I use a free-standing, plastic horse waterer for holding a couple of =
gallons of glaze when I'm doing a bunch of tiles. It has a drain at the =
back so I can run the leftover glaze through a seive into its old bucket =
when done. It stands about waist high with a container taking up about =
the top third. Found it at the Socorro, NM town dump, source of many =
many useful items. =20
Also an ingenious tool, not my invention but seen at La Meridiana in =
Italy. Think of a longish rectangular box cut in half on the diagonal. =
Pug of clay is placed in the box, both the diagonals of the triangular =
ends of the box are cut with a jigsaw to whatever profile desired, then =
a bow saw with the blade replaced with a wire is drawn through the clay =
along the edges of the ends. You get a profiled hunk of clay similar to =
what an extruder might give you but you don't have an extruder's size =

Marcia, have I explained Pietro's gizmo coherently?

Christie Lucero
Snowlion Fine Arts
Coyote Creek, NM